1. Meet with Berkshire Hathaway
    HomeServices Professional Realty to review the current business and Determine the Business Owner selling goal(s)
  2. Planning your business to sell, organize records and the business processes
  3. Retain Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty brokerage firm to sell the business
  4. BHHS Pro compiles a valuation of the business – the broker compiles this data
  5. Business broker prepares the Business CBP (Confidential Business Profile) Document
  6. Business broker and Owner agree on Marketing information / plan and kick-off process
  7. Business broker markets the Business through multiple means
    8. Business broker begins to work with acceptable buyers
  8. An offer is made by a buyer facilitated by the broker, work on agreeable deal structure
  9. The buyer performs Due Diligence
  10. Begin the Closing process with the assistance of the BHHS Pro broker
  11. Finalize the Closing transaction between seller and buyer
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